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The Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Quebec) 12th/13th Sept. 1759

The Landings

The Climb

The Battlefield

Major General James Wolfe (1727 – 1759) - Officer Commanding British & Allied Force.

General Henry Fletcher - Officer Commanding the 35th Regiment of Foot. 

The Death of James Wolfe (and Montcalm)

The French and Indian War or The Seven Year War 1754–1763

The Battle of Louisbourg

The American War of Independence (1775–1783)

The Siege of Malta and around 1800

The Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815

"They kept us in reserve, ........"We didn't  even have a real bash at it !" 

Around 1853

Cyprus 1882 (Training for the Sudan Campaign)

The Nile Expedition 1885

The Battle of Abu Klea (Sudan) 17th Jan 1885

Home Service  1800`s

The 2nd South African War 1888-1900

World War One

The WW1 Art of Ralph Gordon Ellis

from Arundel, 7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment (later subaltern)

WW1 1914-18 Cartoon Humour ....from MOD War Artists,

Capt. Bruce Bairnsfather (Part One),.............also Pat Earnshaw & Fergus Mackain.

Captain Bruce Bairnsfather  (Part Two)- War Artist & Cartoonist -

("A further unedited batch at Armistice")

WW1 works of the war artist, E. H. Shepard - Illustrator for "Punch" & "Winnie the Pooh"

The "Victory Hall" murals in Balcombe, Sussex. Painted by Maj. Neville Bulwer-Lytton

OC "C" Coy, 11th Bn.Royal Sussex Regiment.


Europe, Tarhuna, El Alamein,  Libya, Tunisia, Casino - 1939-1945

Public Duties in London

Operation Banner 1971

Miscelaneous Drawings & Paintings

Regimental Cartoons & Caricatures (courtesy of John Russell, Roy Faulkner & Bill Kempton ) - 1960`s/70`s



The Regimental "Doodles" 

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